Does it help train cats to spray them with water?

Question by Joesuff: Does it help train cats to spray them with water?
I have two new kittens. The only problem they have is they jump on the dining room table (witch they are not allowed on). Is spraying them with a little squirt of water a good training method?

They do not respond to verbal commands no matter how loud.

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Answer by Ris
Yes! It’s the only method that worked for me. You have to be persistant too though. Takes about 2 weeks for them to get it.

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  1. it works for dogs. i should think so.

  2. Yeah thats the best training method you can use. My kitten actually listens if i yell at her so that works for me but every cat is different so i suggest you use the spraying method. Good luck :D

  3. sometimes cats like playing in water, so you might just be reinforcing the unwanted behavior that way…

  4. Colonel Reb (5 days to kickoff) on June 8th, 2011 at 5:41 AM

    Usually it will, but not always. I have one cat who doesn’t really seem to care that much.

  5. I heard that it does. It made my first kitty afraid of water bad enough that she would scratch when she saw it (unless it was in her bowl). With my new kitten, I use a hacky sack. I don’t throw it AT him, but close by and he gets the hint. It got him to start using his scratching post.

  6. yes this can help …. but try hissing at them first …. really! It’s what their mother would do to reprimand them…. so when they jump up say ‘off’ in a loud stern voice and hiss at them while you make them get off the table ….. they will soon learn – I promise!

  7. Depends on the cats. This didn’t work with mine – he LOVES water, goes outside when it’s raining and he even swims!

    Just give it a try and you’ll see.

  8. Yes the spray bottle absolutely works. Just make sure that you are very consistant though if not they won’t learn.

  9. Yes! Excellent method of training for cats. I don’t even have to spray them now. They just have to see the water bottle to stop whatever they are doing wrong.

  10. My cat loves water but hates the spray gun. It is worth a try. It is important to understand with cats that they will not respond to you.” They must know that what they did caused something they don’t like. So cat books will tell you the most effective way to do it, is to not let them see you spray them. So they associate jumping on the table with getting sprayed out of nowhere. Otherwise, they will just think it is you. And, for some cats, they will think you are playing. Lol. It takes lots of patience, but can work.

    Also try for about two weeks (sorry messy house) putting some of those disposable baking sheets. Or real ones if you have that many. When they go up there and have to maneuver around, or potentially knock them off and it makes a loud bang, it will discourage them.

  11. Like ziggy said earlier, I too hissed at my cat when she was a kitten, it worked wonders and still does, I make a hissy sort of sound and if she’s been really naughty with a Psssst, she certainly understands…

    I also trained her with a waterpistol toy when she was little, it was pretty effective until… smart pussy that she is… she stole and hid the two toywaterguns….

    whatever you do do not smack, as this will often develop an aggressive response and lead to a cat prone to scratching and biting…

  12. The spray bottle technique has worked for every cat I’ve owned! (Total of six.)

  13. Oh yes yes!!! I have had my 2 cats since they were kittens and they LOVED to get on the table and even sleep in the napkin basket! We tried everything from yelling, to physicaly removing them from the table. Yet that just made them keep getting up!

    The only thing that worked was a spray bottle! I have also heard that cat ‘repellents’ work if sprayed around the area that you don’t want your cats on!
    I really hope one of these ideas work!

  14. Genius Without Talent on June 8th, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    It didn’t work with our cats, they just ended up nervous around us and that’s no good. I guess it depends on the type and temperament of cat.

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